Trust is central to our ethos. As an experienced fiduciary service provider, you can rely on us to service your business needs. Please see below for further information.

Our Services

How we help our clients

The ICS Group can provide you with help in forming your company, from selecting a business structure to selecting an appropriate jurisdiction.

Banking services form an integral part of a company's service requirements. We can accommodate your banking transaction requirements.

The internet continues to revolutionise all commercial sectors. In this age of rapid innovation, creative disruption, and the truly global markets provided by internet technology, the ICS Group is here to help.

The ICS Group provides both yacht registration and ship registration services.

Ours is a global and globally competitive age, with ever greater freedom of movement of both populations and financial capital. Many jurisdictions now offer internationally mobile individuals and their families the opportunity to gain alternative citizenship, usually in conjunction with a significant investment into the host jurisdiction. The ICS group has experience in facilitating the acquisition of new citizenship and residency. We would be happy to assist you in a solution appropriate to your circumstances, providing both advisory and visa/permit processing services.

Trusts remain an important method through which assets may be conserved and protected down through generations. There are a variety of reasons why our clients elect to settle their assets into Trust. At consultation stage we explore whether or not, as the case may be, a trust is the correct route for you to take. If we don´t think so we will tell you. As the word suggests there becomes a partnership of trust which prevails throughout the life of the assets held thereunder.